Outsource Equity Research Services to BOP

As a leading provider of equity research services worldwide, BackOffice Pro (BOP) works with both buy-side and sell-side firms. Our typical clients are large enterprises and investors. Our equity research services are designed with efficiency and accuracy in mind so that our clients can gain insightful information and value from our research. The main goal at BOP is to maximize our client’s ROI in equities through in-depth research.

Being a leading equity research firm comes with a lot of responsibilities but rest assured that we’re prepared to meet and exceed all expectations, as attested to by our clients. Our high-quality, accurate, and detailed reports combined with superior governance and flexible engagement plans will ensure that you have the tools needed to make your next acquisition decision with confidence.

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Skill Sets of Equity Research Analysts at BOP

BOP has set up a team of highly skilled professionals adept at equity research. Our resources have the following skillsets –

  • Graduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas in finance, accounting, business and consulting
  • In-depth experience of working in the equity domain
  • High proficiency in using sophisticated tools and models for preparing equity reports and presenting the analysis in an easily digestible format
  • Detailed understanding of the trends related to equities, finance, IPOs and regulations that are critical for conducting thorough and meaningful research
  • Financial Modeling We offer evaluation models for Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), dividend discount, residual income, Economic Value Added (EVA), comparative analyses, and sell-side research validation.
  • Sensitivity Analysis Our team tests the cross-sensitivity of key figures such as EBITDA, EPS, cash flow and shares pricing information through sensitivity analysis, ensuring that the companies in question can cope with any changes that might occur.
  • Comparable Company Analysis By comparing company financials and variables from EV to EBIDTA with that of peer firms, we help businesses take the necessary steps for planning the expansion and growth.
  • IPO Analysis Our analysts assist companies in discovering how they are subscribed by their investors and provides data-driven insights regarding the real-world market sentiments for them.

Equity Research Services We Offer

  • Net Present Value Analysis By employing Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) analysis, we help to provide necessary financial information that scales company revenues back to Net Present value.
  • Company Research We complete a detailed qualitative analysis of the company's business, its industry segment, operations, products and services, and management. We also shoulder the burden of quantitative analysis, including financial models, segment analysis, and multiple valuation approaches.
  • SWOT Analysis We research both offensive and defensive strategies for clients, helping them to gain a better understanding of their current and potential competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Corporate Governance and ESG Analysis Our team offers in-depth research, ratings, and analysis of the environmental, social and governance-related business practices of thousands of companies around the globe.

Benefits of BOP Equity Research Services

The benefits of our equity research services are virtually limitless. In addition to our team’s commitment to timely delivery, thorough and accurate results, and total transparency throughout each project, outsourcing equity research services to Back office Pro offers the following benefits:

  • With accuracy being the core principle in this approach, BOP is able to deliver flexible research models and provide a heightened glimpse into the value of a company.
  • All of our services are built in a way that helps investors improve their investment portfolio and performance. Our experts do this by providing in-depth equity research.
  • BOP’s team of highly qualified analysts understand how to use proven financial, business, and statistical methodologies to deliver highly accurate research and insights enabling clients to make smarter, more informed decisions.
  • BOP has teams and resources dedicated to providing equity research services, allowing us to offer flexible prices.
  • All research processes have been developed using a quality-first approach to guarantee ISO 27001:2013 standard quality assurance
  • Non-disclosure agreements and cutting-edge security tools guarantee the security of our client’s data.


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