UK Based Financial Research Firm Opted for Outsourcing Model to Cut Financial Research Operations Cost

The Client

The client is a financial services company, based in the UK. It offers direct access to vast knowledge and counsel in international trade, offshore business, and research surveys by well-established advisors of good reputation.

The client runs a website, which is considered a ‘content magnet’. Through this, the client makes their database widely available, promotes their brand and draws potential customers from across the world. It also offers the clients customers with value-added services.

The Challenge

All the data had to be extracted from Word and PDF to a set format with graphics and images. These had to be then converted into an HTML format to be uploaded on the client’s website.

The task involved the representation of all management related information from articles/press releases. The researcher not only had to understand all the data, but also re-design it in the chosen format with graphics and charts. The challenge was compounded by the fact that the data often seemed vague and illegible. Conversion to HTML format in a cohesive and easily understood text also presented problems in some cases.

The Project

The client approached Back Office Pro to work on their financial data presentation. We were chosen because we not only undertake basic outsourcing; we also offer our clients a thorough database on products and services. Hence, we appointed a team of trained analysts with a background in IT coupled with an MBA degree.

The Back Office Pro Solution

The company website had over 250 articles by various authors. We assigned a team of technical editors with domain expertise and set up the requisite infrastructure within a week. Next, we assigned goals according to client’s and the author’s requirements.

In the space of 20 working days, extraction and conversion of 350 articles was completed through automated software. The work completed was substantially more than the 250 articles that were assigned for the same time-span. With our dedicated effort, we were able to produce the data according to the client’s template and design. With a restructured and well-designed content, the client was then able to augment their website and add more value for their customers.

The Result

The client was satisfied with the quick response time and the quality of work by Back Office Pro. They realized that the outsourced work was quicker and more cost-effective than similar in-house exercise would have been.

Back Office Pro has finished the extraction and translation of 600 articles in 40 working days. The final outcome involved the daily uploading of finished articles on the client’s website.

We are constantly working to improve the excellence and quantity of our output. Given the increased demands from the client, we are augmenting our workforce and delivery capabilities. Realizing that outsourcing has saved them substantial time, money and effort, the client has affirmed their intention of going into a long-term partnership with Back Office Pro.


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