Outsource Wedding Photo Editing

Almost every professional photographer ends up doing wedding photography – it’s simply too lucrative. But Wedding photography is also a great deal of labor: Not only will a typical wedding generate hundreds or even thousands of photos that must be reviewed, processed, and packaged, but the seasonal nature of the work often means photographers have to turn down exciting work in order to catch up on their backlog of existing photos.

Unless, of course, you choose to outsource wedding photo editing to a trusted partner, freeing you to get back out there doing what you do best – taking photos.

Wedding Photo Editing Services We Offer

Back Office Pro is your ideal choices of partner for outsource wedding photo editing work. We offer every possible service you might need:

  • Rough Editing With an average of 500 photos generated at even modest weddings, even the basic task of selecting the best shots and rejecting obvious poor-quality shots can be time-consuming. We put the best eyes in the industry on your photos and quickly identify the best choices.
  • Artistic Editing Once the bad shots are eliminated, the real work begins. We have trained artists who can perform the following on the selected shots to the highest quality standards: Monochrome Conversions, Black & White Conversions, Sepia Conversions, Special Effects, Whatever artistic grace notes you want added, Back Office Pro can handle.
  • Detail Editing Post-processing work is time consuming and headache-inducing. With Back Office Pro as your outsource wedding photo editing partner, however, these services can be done quickly and brilliantly, including: Color Correction, Color Enhancement, Density Correction, Noise Reduction, Image Sharpening, Level Editing, Dodge and Burn, And many more…..
  • Digital Album Design Every couple wants a wedding album, and in the modern age that means a digital wedding album. Back Office Pro are experts at organizing photos and creating compelling, beautiful layouts that create an amazing memento of that amazing day – and your amazing photography work. We transmit initial design ideas via secure FTP or Dropbox and you can review and offer comments. Then we handle every other aspect of album creation, sending you the final product as layered, editable Photoshop files.
  • RAW Image Conversion Services Outsource wedding photo editing services go beyond the artistic. We can batch-convert RAW image files into any format you need, from JPEGs and TIFFS to other formats.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Back Office Pro

If you could shoot one more wedding a year by outsourcing your wedding photo editing work, the decision practically pays for itself. Back Office Pro takes the tedium of photo selection, enhancement, and editing and leaves you free to do the work you were born to do. And we offer the following benefits:

  • Expertise: Our staff is all trained and experienced artists and photo editors.
  • Technology: We have the latest and greatest hardware and the most recent versions of all software, including Adobe Photoshop.
  • Customer Service: You don’t know the meaning of the term until you’ve experienced how we treat our customers.
  • The message is simple: Free up time and grow your business with the support of Back office pro .


Why You Should Act Now

Another Wedding season is coming – will you be able to take full advantage, or will you spend half of it shut up in an office, reviewing image files and designing yet another album? Call Back Office Pro today to discuss what we can offer your business.