Outsource Image Cloning Service to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is an eminent outsourcing partner to photography companies providing image cloning services for various photography needs. We offer image manipulation, image mirroring, color correction, photo clipping, retouching, level adjustment, and more. Our image editors deliver high-quality images to support your business needs taking away the burden of editing a large volume of images and creating image clones. Outsourcing image cloning services to BOP in India guarantees exceptional mirrored images.

Our expert image editors are highly experienced in working with Photoshop and Lightroom for enhancing and manipulating images to bestow a picture of perfection to the images. We add subtle nuances to the photos and create pictures that are required for your business and brand. Contact BackOffice Pro to discuss your requirements at length and get our services.

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Image Editing Services Skillsets at BOP

BackOffice Pro experts possess proficiency, and we hone our skills with training and updated technical knowledge. Check out our skills below:

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Lightroom.
  • Possess a deeper understanding of the nuances of photography and camera effects.
  • Highly practiced in image cloning, photo manipulation, retouching, photo-clipping, masking/pathing, background removal.
  • Ace in vector masking, color correcting, cropping, curves/levels adjustments, and alpha channel masking.
  • Highly knowledgeable in terms of design, lighting, color, perspective, etc.
  • Adept in precise mask-cutting, complex layering, compositing.

Image Cloning Services at BOP

We are a leading image editing company offering image cloning or mirror image services to our clients from different industries. Here is the list of services we offer:

  • Image Cloning

    BackOffice Pro experts create mesmerizing image cloning giving a mirror effect, quirky and psychedelic look to portraits, landscapes, and more for the fashion industry, real estate, and interior designing companies, etc.

  • Mirrored Shapes

    We create a mirror or oddly shaped images with perfect symmetry that can be used in magazines and publications, brochures, pamphlets, and more to give a unique and interesting look to those.

  • Mirrored Landscapes

    We provide mirrored landscape images, and create an unusual composition of the landscape image components flipped horizontally to bring in a mirror-like appearance to the lakes and water bodies.

  • Mirrored Portraits

    BOP expert editors offer mirrored portraits that look like identical twins keeping the background and image elements in symmetry. Our images look realistically flipped.

  • Mirrored Geometry

    BOP creates mirrored geometry images of the original structure or building, making it look abstract, and these can be used in the marketing collaterals of architectural and construction companies.

  • Background Removal

    We also provide background removal service while image cloning to eliminate unwanted background to help the viewers and audience to focus on the object or the product.

  • Image Enhancement

    While cloning, image enhancement is an important step to cover as it removes the unwanted noise and blurry reflections to bright and prominent mirror effects.

  • Retouching Image

    BOP provides retouching services along with image cloning to remove minute spots, shine, blemishes on the product to get beautiful cloned images for your business.

Benefits of Image Cloning Services at BOP

BOP’s image editors offer excellent image cloning services with the following benefits:

  • Get the best blend of mirror effects with all other necessary effects on images for your requirements.
  • Get unprecedented picture-perfect images for your products.
  • Get your images enhanced, accompanied by color correction.


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Partner with BOP and Get High-Quality Cloned Images

Image cloning and healing service require a high level of expertise and a considerable amount of time to invest and get the perfect output. BOP’s highly skilled image editors possess the vast experience to handle critical editing requirements and fixing flaws. Outsource image cloning requirement to us and get steady support for your image editing needs irrespective of the volume. Contact us today to discuss your project.