Outsource HDR Blending

One of the basic tenets of photography is that the light changes. Photos taken at dawn will look different from photos taken at noon, or at dusk, and different lighting situations will enhance or obscure different parts of a subject.

For real estate, this means that parts of your property will look crisper and brighter in some light than others. HDR blending allows you to take multiple photos of your properties and then blend them so that the best aspect of every single part of the image are combined into one amazing, crisp, detailed glamor shot of the property – ideal for marketing a home or commercial space to potential buyers.

HDR Blending Services We Offer

HDR Blending is a simple phrase describing a very complicated process requiring a high level of skill. When you outsource HDR blending to Back Office Pro, we take your property photos shot at different times, in different light, and expertly blend them into one Master Image using HDR Blending techniques. The end result is an image that combines the best aspects of each individual image into a Master shot that is reality – just augmented reality – and images of real estate that leap from the screen or brochure page. Our menu of HDR Blending Services includes:

  • Perspective Correction If the lines are all off in your photos, they’ll do more harm than good. We can take your imperfect photos and make them look perfect.
  • Image Bracketing We can take a maddening array of images at various resolutions and lighting levels and combine them into a set of spectacular photos sporting the best aspects of each.
  • Color Balance Color variations are the number one reason photos look unprofessional and washed out. We can take imperfect photos and balance the color and lighting to best advantage.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Back Office Pro

Back Office Pro offers the very highest levels of customer service, expertise, technological capability, and professionalism:

  • Expertise & Experience Our HDR Blending experts are also experts on real estate photography, and know precisely how to combine photos for best effect. We’ve also seen it all, in every variation – you can’t surprise us.
  • Customer Service We’re always available to chat about the project and any challenges that might come up. And we’re passionate about protecting client privacy, using secure FTP and Dropbox to transmit files.
  • Professionalism We don’t treat our clients as annoyances or entries in an accounts receivable ledger. We treat you as a partner at all times.
  • Technology Photoshop is just the beginning. We perform several quality checks, and have the ability to edit the photos as needed to bridge gaps between the project brief and the materials at hand.


Why You Should Act Now

In today’s world, it makes sense to outsource HDR blending to the right partner, because it takes a lot of skill and experience to blend photos perfectly so they emerge looking natural yet amazing. Back Office Pro is your ideal partner for the outsource HDR blending work your real estate business needs, because we combine the best practices of any business into one responsive place. And in this economy, it’s much more efficient to have a good partner than to build your own team from the ground up.

If you need to outsource HDR blending for your real estate business, contact Back Office Pro today. We’ll amaze you by taking your pretty good real estate photos and turning them into perfect shots of your properties – shots that sell.