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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a paramount outsourcing partner to global individual photographers and photography companies providing focus stacking services to bulk photo editing needs. BOP’s highly experienced image editors combine images taken from different focus points into one final image with greater depth of field (DOF) as compared to the source images. If you have a vast or critical focus stacking requirement, outsourcing focus stacking services to BOP in India will decipher in achieving your business goals.

Whether you require focus stacking for macro photography, optical microscopy, or landscape photography, we are equipped with image editing skills to support your needs, regardless of the size of your project. Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail and find out how we can assist you.

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Focus Stacking Services Skillsets at BOP

The highly skilled image editing team providing focus stacking service possess the following skillsets:

  • An In-depth understanding of the concept of lighting and shadows to get a clear focus point
  • A clear idea of stack image framing, removing camera shake and eliminating noise
  • A veteran in working in Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, etc.
  • Highly experienced in editing images adding a high depth of field.
  • Expert in color correction, the high-end retouching.
  • Proficient in photo manipulation, background removal
  • Well versed in noise elimination, alpha channel masking, cropping
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of the finer photography elements and visual effects, image restoration.

Focus Stacking for Macro Photography Services that BOP Offers

BackOffice Pro experts have a wide array of image editing services to offer with extensive knowledge and expertise. Here is the list of services we offer:

  • Macro Photography

    BOP offers focus stacking for macro photography where the depth becomes shallower. We create a deep depth of field to fix the image and make it look perfect.

  • Optical Microscopy

    The optical microscopic pictures usually have a shallow depth. We edit the photos to obtain a deeper depth of field, adjusting the focus point.

  • Landscape Photography

    Often, landscape images also have a shallow depth. Work on these images to bring in a deeper depth, lowering the sharpness for a better appeal.

  • Image Retouching

    BOP offers professional image retouching services that include skin and makeup retouching, removing dark spots, flaws, etc.

  • Background Removal

    Removing unwanted objects and the background is very important in image enhancement, and BOP does it for a product, eCommerce, and other requirements.

  • Color Correction

    While performing focus stacking, we do a color correction to render the full potential in the image.

Focus Stacking Benefits at BOP

BOP has a wide range of image editing services to offer, coupled with the benefits below:

  • Get images with greater depth of field and decrease the sharpness
  • Get specific and best focal results with the high f-stop.
  • Choose other image editing services like retouching, color correction, and more under one roof.


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Grow your Photography Business BOP’s Image Editing Solutions

BOP has a highly experienced team of image editors offering high-quality focus stacking solutions for image editing requirements. Our services include focus stacking, also called Z-stacking, creating high depth-of-field, stock photo editing, retouching, and much more rendering exceptional and precise quality to each requirement. Outsource focus stacking needs to BOP and get ample outsourcing benefits. Contact us today to know more about our services.