Outsource Auto Image Clipping

Anyone can choose the ‘magic wand’ tool and try their hand at clipping an image from its background. For simple images this is often sufficient. The more complex the image, the more you need assistance to ensure a professional, high-quality finish.

That makes outsource auto image clipping one of the most important services any business can rely on. Depending on their source, your high-quality auto images might have distracting or inappropriate backgrounds (showing the wrong climate for your sales area, for example) and being able to re-use the main image – the vehicle itself – is essential. A trusted, skilled partner like Back Office Pro can take your auto images and provide expert outsource auto image clipping services that make them twice as valuable and twice as powerful for your marketing.

Auto Image Clipping Services We Offer

Back Office Pro offers every possible outsource auto image clipping service you might need to make your auto images more flexible and useful for your marketing and promotion needs, including:

  • Tracing

    We create a professional, accurate clipping path that expertly separates the vehicle from the background with no rough edges, stray pixels, or distortions.

  • Color Enhancement

    A pasted auto can sometimes look artificial on its new background unless the lighting and color of the layer is enhanced – which our skilled technicians can do expertly.

  • Retouching

    Whatever adjustments are needed to make your auto images look more attractive to customers, Back Office Pro team can handle.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Back Office Pro

If you’re currently doing your own auto image clipping, you’re throwing money and time out the window. Auto image clipping is time-consuming, and using Back Office Pro for your outsource auto image clipping needs results in several benefits for you and your business:

  • Quality: We’re not just good at creating professional-grade clipped auto images, we’re the best at it. No matter how complex the background, the reflections, or the shadows, we will deliver clean, crisp clipped images. Every time.
  • Efficiency: While we’re doing the tedious clipping work, you can get back to what it is you do best – the things that make you money.
  • Service: Not only do we always meet our deadlines, we also offer the best customer service you will ever experience, bar none.
  • Experience: Back Office Pro employs some of the most talented and most experienced artists and technicians in the world. Whatever specific challenges your auto images have, we have the human and technological resources to deal with them.


Why You Should Act Now

Your images represent you. Poor clipping and sloppy cut-outs make you look amateurish and unreliable. High-quality clipping takes time away from your other duties. The decision to outsource auto image clipping to Back Office Pro results in instant benefits of time, quality, and peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your auto image clipping needs and how Back Office Pro can help you.