Outsource Structural Steel Shop Drawings to Back Office Pro

Back Office Pro (BOP) works alongside the clients to help create structural engineering drawings of the build area when clients outsource structural steel shop drawings to BOP. BOP offers steel shop drawings keeping in mind the plans, elevations, and sections to assure impeccable design solutions to a global clientele. BOP works as your offsite resource support partner to scale up your workforce and skill related aspects to streamline complex construction projects. Backed by dedication, willingness to adapt to different stages of drawing requirements and professional skillset, BOP is a stable and experienced engineering support services provider.

BOP provides structural steel shop drawings including sheet metal shop drawings, fabrication shop drawings, woodwork shop drawings, steel connection detail drawings, millwork drawings, and more. BOP offers structural steel cad drawings for steel components, reinforced concrete, trusses, precast concrete, and other related structures.

Skillset of Structural Shop Drawing specialists at Back Office Pro

Back Office Pro’s team of drafters and modelers are highly qualified and are experienced in creating relevant shop drawings to meet a wide range of requirements. Working alongside client’s in-house team, BOP’s drawing specialists offer unmatched value-adds. Each of the drawing specialists come with the following skillsets:

  • Graduate in Civil, Mechanical, electrical or equivalent streams.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in the relevant industry creating accurate shop drawings with varied styles.
  • Skilled in graphics tools such as AutoCAD, Plant 3D, ProE (Creo), Auto CAD Inventor, CADWorx, and other 3-D tools.
  • Understanding of working with cross-cultural teams sitting across the globe.
  • Accurate and reliable drawing skill with an eye for detail.
  • Motivated and good team player to carry out changes as required working with the clients.

Structural Shop Drawing Services from Back Office Pro

Understanding that steel shop drawings are highly essential for the fabrication industry, BOP offers prefabricated component drawings to help manufacturers, fabricators, contractors, and suppliers. BOP keeps track of dimensions, fabrication details, manufacturing standards and other required details to offer steel shop drawings that are easy to get approved by local authorities. With over two decades of experience in providing commercial as well as industrial infrastructure projects, BOP is an ideal partner for all your resource needs to design structural steel cad drawings.

BOP offers the following structural shop drawings:

  • Fabrication Drawings/ Steel Fabrication Drawings BOP offers superior quality detailed and accurate steel fabrication drawings for larger and more complex structures.
  • Steel Detailing Services BOP’s steel detailing services help construction workers with handy details marked on the drawings to help complete steel structures with ease.
  • Building Components Drawings BOP offers various building construction component drawings like fixtures and trellises, etc.
  • Millwork drawings BOP’s millwork shop drawings help mill owners with various complicated structure design and production.
  • Mechanical Pipe Drawings Helping mechanical piping projects, BOP offers shop pipe drawing services that help reducing complications for mechanical structures.
  • Sheet Metal Shop drawings BOP’s skilled resources offer sheet metal shop drawings to help manufacturers and contractors with complex sheet metal structures.

Advantages of Structural Shop Drawings provided by Back Office Pro

BOP is well staffed and can scale up to meet the growing needs of clients at short notice. BOP’s team of detailers, drafters, designers, and engineers are adept at helping clients with various phases of construction projects by providing appropriate structural shop drawings to meet a wide range of needs. BOP offers some very notable benefits when clients outsource structural shop drawings to BOP.

  • Top of the line infrastructure - BOP boasts of global development labs that are laced with latest and most relevant technologies.
  • Reliable drawing services – BOP ensures that all drawings are precise and 99.99% accurate to help manufacturers and construction workers.
  • Trained and skilled resources – The team of drafters and modelers are regularly trained to stay UpToDate with all the latest changes in tools and technologies to offer the best possible drawing solutions to clients.
  • International Quality Processes- BOP follows ISO standards and is abreast with all well-known international design standards to meet client need without fail 
  • Adherence to SLA – BOP signs NDAs and SLAs to help clients remain assured of data safety and also receive the project deliver in time.

Contact Back Office Pro for Structural Shop Drawings

Back Office Pro is an ideal engineering support services provider when it comes to hiring the right resources for the right project. BOP is capable of meeting all client needs on structural shop drawings irrespective of scale, complexity, or size. Contact BOP today to learn more about our structural shop drawing services.