Outsource Solidworks Services to India

BackOffice Pro provides a complete range of SolidWorks services to meet every need of manufacturers and engineers to ease workloads. All SolidWorks experts at BOP are trained and experienced in producing designs and 3D models from scratch or working from existing concepts and sketches. Outsourcing your SolidWorks design demands to India helps you to fill out the skill gaps without the expense of training in-house staff or ease your workload when things are busy.

BOP realizes the importance of accuracy when it comes to product and mechanical part designs and ensures that all designs are produced to exacting design tolerances. BackOffice Pro offers SolidWorks design services, conceptual design, design optimization, prototyping, millwork drafting, 2D, and 3D modeling for engineering, construction and manufacturing companies worldwide. Senior engineers are employed to apply rigorous checking procedures and make sure that international standards and best practices are followed. Contact BackOffice Pro today to find out more about outsourcing SolidWorks to India.

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SolidWorks Services Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

Solidworks Skillsets
  • The CAD professionals employed by BOP produces accurate and professionally presented 3D models with Solidworks.
  • The team is trained to use the specialist tool in CAD Software, AutoCAD, and other CAD packages, MS Visio, to meet all client requirements.
  • Proficient at In-context assembly changes and creating models and designs using a top-down approach.
  • Well-versed in part modification providing swift and accurate redesigns or tweaks modifying intricate and complex parts with ease.
  • Adept at shop drawings with detailed and accurate dimensions and fabrication instructions.
  • Expertise in dynamic spring modeling that compress and expand accurately, allowing precise simulations and analysis of assemblies.
  • Adroit in using 3D Sketch for either a quick concept drawing or sketched mock-up of a part or assembly.
  • Dexterous in Advanced Weldments to design framework and supporting structure design for construction and structural engineering companies.
  • Seasoned in Sheet Metal detailing and flattening design elements for sheet metal use and designing features such as base flanges.
  • Experienced in generating an Advanced Bill of Materials from any design that has been detailed correctly and accurately.

Solidworks Design Services BOP offers

  • Conceptual Design BackOffice Pro can help to capture ideas and design iterations by creating flexible 3D models in SolidWorks. We work from your sketches, data, or design specification.
  • Millwork DraftingBOP engineers are experienced in producing accurate and highly detailed millwork shop drafts for metal or woodwork assemblies and structures.
  • PrototypingBOP can provide drafts for normal or rapid prototyping, creating SolidWorks 3D models using the In-context feature to allow for changes to be made easily and quickly.
  • Design optimization BOP can help optimizing an existing design using SolidWorks generative design features. A record of iterations can be kept and provided.
  • Design Confirmation BOP has senior engineers to check and validate designs. We compare design details and calculations to international standards, as well as ensuring the design complies with your requirements and tolerances.
  • Part / Assembly and Drawing Creation BOP team is expert in creating part and assembly drawings in SolidWorks, and exporting as 2D CAD drawings as isometric drafts or plans and elevations.
  • Modeling for Automation BOP creates models that can be reused or used in automated design processes. We can also automatically create optimized models using SolidWorks advanced generative design features.
  • Presentations and AnimationsBOP can create slick and informative presentations or animations to showcase your product, part, assembly, or structure with high-quality that impresses decision-makers, investors, stakeholders, government agencies, and other interested parties.
  • Structural AnalysisBOP can perform a full range of structural analyses on the SolidWorks 3D model. Using simulation tools and specialist analysis plug-ins, BOP engineers, run tests and make changes if necessary or requested.
  • Thermodynamics and thermal performance BOP provides a thermodynamic and thermal analysis of designs with detailed reports and recommendations based on the simulations and analysis data.
  • Rendering and Visualization BOP engineers apply SolidWorks to create 3D rendering from 2D drawings or sketches. From these 3D models, we create attractive visualizations to showcase the models clearly and effectively.

Outsourcing SolidWorks Drafting Services to India - Benefits of Using BackOffice Pro

  • Get accurate and professional 3D designs saving your time and money.
  • We apply strict privacy and security measures, in importing data, translating it, storing it securely, and maintaining its flexibility and accessibility.
  • Get the project’s challenges solved with the best and innovative methods.
  • Get a good, solid workflow to manage efficiency, decrease errors, and reduce inaccuracies with deliveries in advance of the deadline.

Outsource Solidworks Needs to India to get the Best Results

BackOffice Pro has provided SolidWorks and other CAD services for a decade and has built up a large list of go-to designers and engineers. Whether it is structural analysis or thermodynamics, prototyping, or modeling for animation, we can assemble a reliable and focused design and modeling team to make sure that all your needs are met.

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