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Data Extraction from the expert team at BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a transformative solution for businesses who want to extricate crucial information from amongst bulk, unstructured, or multiple data sources. BOP’s Data Extraction specialists are trained in advanced techniques to properly identity and extract details that will enable clients to access useful data in organized formats. Our staff is frequently contracted to handle complicated data extraction ventures that require a personalized, critical thinking based approach in conjunction with technical dexterity for superior outcome.

Along with our single project solutions, Back Office provides clients with cost effective, streamlined options for retaining our resource planning and arrangement services. For consultation, advice, and a trusted means to off-load data extraction personnel, BOP remains unrivaled in both process and results.

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BOP’s Data Extraction Entry Skill Sets

Our team of professionals is ready to showcase our impressive skill set in all data extraction endeavors, including resource engagement and planning solutions designed to reflect and enhance the client’s business model.

  • All of the certified personnel on BOP’s data extraction staff follow a hierarchical system built upon collaboration and continued education for a foundation of progressive skills, targeted specialization, and modern techniques.
  • Data Extraction Specialist Performs data extraction techniques to retrieve information from a variety of sources using both automated software and manual tools. Strong knowledge of data extraction tools to aid in the extraction strategy. Proficient in MS Access, and SQL languages.
  • Principle Data Extraction Specialist Extracts vital information from images, documents, and databases, as well as web scraping from websites and online public databases. Advanced skills in MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server DDL and SQL, and SAS language. Ensures data quality and consistency for further processing and storing.
  • Data Integration Specialist Available to assist data extraction specialists in ETL of data from disparate source systems, both internal and external, into client specified databases. Advanced knowledge of Access, SQL MS Excel, and SQL languages. Experienced in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Adds metadata and applies other data integration as needed for additional processing.
  • Data Extraction Team Manager Oversees team members, and instills a comprehensive plan for executing the data extraction methodologies in accordance with client specifications, timeline, and goals. Years of experience working with extraction tools and database construction, and accomplished with Access, Oracle, and ERP systems.
  • Experienced in databases and database management systems including, but not limited to Oracle, dBASE, FoxPro, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access and SQL Server, and SAP HANA.
  • All specialists are proficient in applying data cleansing algorithms to improve the fidelity of the data, as well as utilizing data extraction and manipulation techniques, including the ability to stage and import bulk quantities of data.
  • Ability to secure resources integral to process and completion of data extraction enterprise, as well as provide counsel for clients, and streamline the off-loading procedure for incoming data extraction personnel.
  • Capable of extracting data from a variety of sources, such as Excel, XML, Web Images, SQL, PDF, and internal/external Databases.

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BOP’s Data Extraction Outsource Method

Our effective outsource method is indicative of BOP’s commitment to quality and affordability when procuring data extraction resources for clients in need of workforce, equipment, or financial solutions.

  • Evaluation and Offer An indicative evaluation occurs for BOP’s data extraction team to determine all client objectives. Following this briefing, our team prepares an offer detailing all facets of the endeavor.
  • Basic Training and Knowledge Transfer Our staff progresses with basic training and sharing of communal knowledge, enacting measures to establish retention of Data Extraction education
  • Price Quote A price quote is created by BOP with full consideration of client’s budgetary restrictions.
  • On-Site Orientation and Staff Transition For in-depth instruction and orientation, BOP’s team oversees transition of arriving personnel, focusing on employee involvement and execution of best practices policies.
  • Resource Planning and Arrangement We design a tactic for retrieving necessary resources, such as technical accoutrements or labor force, or an arrangement for off-loading client’s data extraction

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

BOP provides substantial outsourcing benefits to clients who require personalized attention, proactive support, and accurate conclusions in all data extraction projects and resource ventures.

  • BOP offers a full team of data extraction authorities that have developed technical best practices for mining and extracting buried data from internal, external, multiple, and unstructured sources like social media mining.
  • Our Senior level Data Extraction specialists are available to impart knowledge and experience to clients to aid in integrating or acquiring resources, facilitate the outsourcing process, or train off-loaded data extraction teams.
  • Utilize our data extraction outsourcing to gain acumen towards vital business concerns, such as customer opinion, market conditions, competitor positions, and email data.
  • BOP can apply data analytics tools such as SAS, SAP, ACL, Tableau, etc., to assist in competitor analysis, as well as conducting research to gather client’s competitor information including product selection, pricing, and stock.
  • Our staff is capable of full and incremental data extraction from large ERP systems, in addition to extraction from singular databases using database query languages.
  • BOP has developed our in-house, trademark proprietary data mining software that allows us to withdraw more complex and precise information in a quicker timeframe.

Outsource Data Extraction to BOP

Potential clients can discover more about BOP’s outsourcing options within our range of data extraction solutions when they contact our knowledgeable, professional, and courteous team today.