Swiss Multinational Organization Extracts Contact Information from LinkedIn Directory through Outsourcing

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Client Profile: Multinational Instrument Manufacturer in Switzerland

The client was a Swiss multinational manufacturer of scales, analytical instruments, precision instruments, and weighing instruments. They have more than 25 years of experience and are the largest provider of weighing instruments for laboratory, industrial, and food retailing applications.

Objective Behind the Data Mining Requirements

The client was looking to enrich their client database, adding many prospects through data mining.




Challenges for the Client on Data Mining

The client wanted to extract contact information from the top and senior management professionals from LinkedIn Directory, helping them expand their client base. Although they received data from different sources, it lacked credibility. They wanted contact information that was accurate, reliable, and free from duplicity. They also wanted a partner who could deliver information within a short period. BackOffice Pro's ability to provide contact information from different industry sectors in large numbers attracted the client's attention.

Solution Provided by Back Office Pro:

Accessing closed groups in LinkedIn where only members are allowed to view was challenging to us. To overcome these challenges, we took the following steps:

  • For the given industry, country, and keywords, the team extracted all related profiles from LinkedIn, and whatever information was provided in the profile was tabulated as such. They also collected all information that was available on the site.
  • The team removed all spurious or false records of the client’s company with irrelevant job functions, keywords, and duplicate profiles before furthering the process.
  • The team performed a detailed Google search to gather more information about an individual with the name and company information obtained from the LinkedIn search. They also used an individual’s designation to gather more details.
  • We gathered information about members of closed groups on LinkedIn. The team used the limited information at hand and performed a Google search to collect as many details as possible.

It was not easy for our team to access a large number of contacts in one search. In such scenarios, the team sometimes had to use filters, breaking down the contacts into smaller numbers and extract them. We have developed a program that helped us in this process and allowed us to complete the project on time.

Data Mining Outcome

  • They got contacts in large numbers from different industry segments and provide accurate information without duplication.
  • They reduced the operational cost by almost 50% and received the project within the time frame.
  • They were able to strategize their business expansion with 95% of contacts extraction from Linkedin. This has helped our clients to a great extent in their business expansion strategy.

Our team’s efficiency led to a high level of customer satisfaction, and as a result, we were able to secure a large billing client.

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