Back Office Pro Helps Swiss Multinational Organization to Extract Contact Information from LinkedIn Directory

Client Profile

The client was a Swiss multinational manufacturer of scales, analytical instruments, precision instruments, and weighing instruments. They have more than 25 years of experience and are the largest provider of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial, and food retailing applications.

Client’s Requirement

The client wanted to extract contact information of top and senior management professionals from LinkedIn Directory, which will help them to expand their client base. Although they received data from different sources, it lacked credibility. They wanted contact information that was accurate, reliable, and free from duplicity. They also wanted a partner who could deliver information within a short period of time. Back Office Pro's ability to provide contact information from different industry sectors in large numbers attracted the client's attention.

Challenges Faced by back Office Pro

While working on this project, our team faced the following challenges:

  • Accessing closed groups in LinkedIn – Extracting contact details from closed groups in LinkedIn proved to be difficult. Only members of these groups are allowed to view the group information. This was a challenge for our team as their access to LinkedIn was restricted.
  • The site got blocked temporarily when we extracted the profiles continuously – When our team extracted profile information continuously from LinkedIn, the site got blocked temporarily from the IP from which they were trying to access the data. After sometime the site would get released, however sometime it remained blocked. This posed a major problem for our team as they were working on a tight deadline.
  • Managing a large team without attrition – For this project we required extra resources as our client wanted their work to be completed within a given time frame. This situation called for the management of a large team, without the scope of attrition.

Solution Provided by Back Office Pro

To overcome these challenges we took the following steps:

  • Collecting all available information from the site – For the given industry, country, and keywords, the team extracted all related profiles from LinkedIn and whatever information was given in the profile was tabulated as such. They also collected all information that was available in the site.
  • Removing all spurious records – All spurious or false records with irrelevant job functions, keywords, and duplicate profiles were removed by the team before furthering the process.
  • Conducting a detailed Google search to gather more information – The team performed a detailed Google search to gather more information about an individual with the name and company information obtained from LinkedIn search. They also used an individual’s designation to gather more details.
  • Searching information about closed groups on Google – To gather information about members of closed groups in LinkedIn, the team used the limited information at hand and performed a Google search to gather as much details as possible.



  • Our team was able to extract contacts in large numbers for different industry segments and provide accurate information without duplication.
  • We were able to reduce our client’s cost by almost 50% and were able to deliver the project within the time frame proposed by the client. Our team’s efficiency led to a high level of customer satisfaction and as a result Flatworld Solutions was able to secure a large billing client.
  • We were able to extract more than 95% contacts from LinkedIn to the estimated numbers. This has helped our client to a great extent in their business expansion strategy.