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Outsourcing and its role on the economy – Good bad or indifferent?

18 Jan 2013

The opinion both President Obama is that outsourcing, also known as “offshoring,” has not only had a negative effect on the American economy, it has had a negative effect on American workers. Thi Read More

India and China becoming less attractive for outsourcing – Pros and Cons

11 Jan 2013

Global outsourcing has been booming for a number of years, as companies became creative about how they could minimize their costs. Currently India is number one in the outsourcing industry, followed c Read More

Outsourcing and Ecommerce – Top Strategies to Make a Profit in a downturn

04 Jan 2013

There are many companies looking for more sales and profits without increasing the cost of overhead. Outsourcing in ecommerce is one of the most cost-effective solutions companies use today, and – t Read More