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Back Office Pro’s studios are equipped to help animation enterprises affected with labor crunch, rising costs and technology limitations with top-notch and world-class animation. From explainer videos to ad jingles to cartoon series for television and commercial animated films, Back Office Pro has the know-how needed to bring your ideas to life. Back Office Pro works closely with animation companies ranging from the largest players in the industry to the smallest.

Every company in the creative business needs a high-performing animation team that can bring out animation that reflects the company’s ethos. However that’s not the case now and you need the services of a partner animation partner like Back Office Pro.  When you outsource animation team to Back Office Pro, you are assured of a total commitment to your project.

Back Office Pro team consists of graphic designers, animators, story tellers, animators and storyboard artists and performs all kinds of animation works: hand-drawn, 2-D, 3-D, special effects, caricature, modeling, CGI, short films, stop-frame animations, and medical animation, encompassing every layer of the animation industry from the basic animation to high-end creation.

For 14 years, Back Office Pro has helped animation companies get better animation by combining great story telling with great animation that speak for themselves. Outsource animation to Back Office Pro because our approach toward animation is different.

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Animation Services BOP Offers

At BOP, our logo animations create recognition, professionalism, loyalty, and reliability. We provide the following services:

2D Animation Support Services

Flash Animation Support Services

Logo Animation Support

Animatic Support Services

Character Creation Services

Rotoscoping Services

Stop Motion Animation Services

Benefits of BOP Animation Services

  • PioneerAt Back Office Pro, we always consider it prudent to have the best technology so we have been the first to adopt pioneering animation techniques and technologies whenever they are launched. Every time a change happens in broadcasting, web or mobile, we are ready with the technology to help our clients remain ahead.
  • Cultural Sensitivities One of the main reasons why animation companies from the West outsource to us is because we are aware of their culture and sensitivities around it and that reflects in every animation we create.  When we make animations, we ensure Western culture reflects in it.
  • Animation Subsectors Globally animation has shifted from broadcasting and theatrical exhibition to web, console and mobile devices. We have the capability to seamlessly move animation to these formats in the shortest possible time without hassles.
  • 4K Future ReadyCurrently all animation are made to be viewed at 24 frames per second at 2K resolutions but at Back Office Pro, we are steadily building our 4K capability. When a client requires an animation to be developed in 4K resolution, we are equipped.


If you want to outsource animation to a professional partner, start right away. The global animation market is changing from America to Japan and animation companies are profiting by outsourcing animation.