Outsource Character Creation Services

The focal point of any successful film, book or game is its characters. Realized in brilliant color and unique enough to catch the eye of the consumer, these characters are what will sell your finished product. So it is important that if you need to outsource character creation, you choose a firm with a strong background in developing realistic, eye-catching characters.

Back Office Pro’s staff of highly skilled artists, illustrators, and character developers have years of experience developing new characters based on the conceptual designs provided by our clients as well as from scratch based on the overall theme and style of a given project.

Why Outsource Character Creation Services?

Character creation is a vital component of any production but in many cases, dozens if not hundreds of characters need to be developed and that can take a lot of time. We can expedite this process for you by providing our expert illustration and artwork creation services to your character creation needs.

You’ll gain immediate access to some of the most skilled illustrators and designers in the industry - men and women who can quickly and effectively take your concepts and produce a finished character model that perfectly captures what you want to see in your product. With quick turnaround time, exceptional quality control guidelines and rates that are very affordable, we are a perfect for anyone looking to outsource character creation.

Character creationServices BOP Offers

Character creation services can be applied to a number of different creative products including:

  • Video Game Character Creation Video games have some of the most exciting and vibrant characters in popular culture. They also have a lot of characters that need to be designed, so we can expedite that process for you.
  • Cartoon Character Creation Our cartoon character creation services can be catered to the type, style and length of cartoon you happen to be producing.
  • Mascot Character Creation If you are creating a new mascot for a sports team, marketing campaign or your corporation, we can help nail the creative component with quality, professional character designs.

Benefits of BOP Character Creation Services

When you outsource character creation to the experts of Back Office Pro you get a team of illustrators, artists and designers with years of experience developing exceptional sketches and character models that match the specific needs of our customers. We also ensure quality guidelines with frequent surveys and checks with our clients and follow ISO quality guidelines to ensure accuracy and quick turnaround times.


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