How to Build a Promising Business Venture with Outsourcing 27 Sep 2013

How to Build a Promising Business Venture with Outsourcing

Outsourcing has been long seen as a business strategy for big businesses. However, with the advancement in technology, it is also becoming more accessible tool for small businesses. By outsourcing day to day back-office activities, business owners get more time to focus on strategy formulation and income generation. Outsourcing not only help companies increase efficiency and economy of scale but keep their business lean, mean and afloat. While starting an outsourcing business may involve extensive research, the long-term rewards are fruitful.

Know Your Potential

The first step towards outsourcing is to decide which services to specialize in. This could be established by conducting market research to determine which services are in highest demand from already running businesses. Already established companies could embark on the outsourcing strategy to expand their customer base. By using the 80/20 rule, which states that 80 percent of income is generated by 20 percent of the population, companies could evaluate vendors or products and services. This rule proves beneficial to identify activities that yield big results and may help companies outsource the remaining activities.

How to Find A Right Outsourcing Partner

The best way to find out the right outsourcing partner for your product or service is to ask for recommendations from your existing network. Online professional networks, virtual marketplaces such as oDesk, BidModo and eLance make it easy to check on the credibility of the vendors and gain confidence. Additionally, selecting the right partner is extremely vital for the success of the business, so companies should take some time to evaluate the same before handing over the reins.

Commencing the Project

Once you have zeroed in on your outsourcing partner, make sure to set up communications and file sharing tools, workflow processes, performance metrics and delivery time. Companies should communicate their expectations and the steps included in the job clearly instead of making assumptions. Receiving a point to point status of the work builds effective business relation with the outsourcing partner.

Data Protection and Compliance

There is always a security risk associated when working with a third-party supplier. Companies planning to outsource credit or financial data should review partners’ security policies and compliance statements to protect their data. Data protection and security considerations must be included in the initial vendor due diligence. Failure to deal with the data protection issues could sabotage business reputation.

Outsourcing for Success

The benefit of outsourcing services range from cost savings to convenience and helps in building a mutually profitable business relationship with suppliers. This leads to repeated business and referrals. Outsourcing can be a huge boost to your small business while reducing your stress and increasing your satisfaction. It offers work life balance to business owners and entrepreneurs who strive to balance their professional and personal lives. Outsourcing significantly help companies focus on their core competencies, set new goals and propel a business forward. It is a small investment which yields big results in terms of time management and streamlining businesses.

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